Unveiling Mia Evans


You can never claim to know a person until you understand her roots. We tend to judge and run to a conclusion about people we barely know because we have not walked in their shoes. Today, I want to indulge you to who I am.

I’m originally from Tampa, born of a black and Native American Indian mother and Jewish, black (late) father. I came from a conservative traditional religious Jewish background with a strict upbringing. I still practice Kabbalah, a form of Judaism.

I graduated from a college in Tampa with a majored in Business minor in marketing. This opened opportunities in corporate America where I worked in the mortgage lending industry for a few years. I could be described as the shy nerdy type of girl with a strict religious background that was a virgin until 19 yrs old yet fascinated by the adult industry.

My fascination was so deep that at my 20’s I was already a feature dancer for a few years and did adult magazines as a covergirl and centerfold model. I had a talent agent who would book me for shows and I’d I travel throughout the United States to Gentlemen clubs as a headliner.

It is from these activities that I became aware of my tendency to lean more toward older distinguished gentleman. I enjoy the company of select gentlemen and notice there was a market I could get paid for, something that I enjoyed and came naturally to me. I have an arousal for intellectuals, chivalry, and wisdom.

The best gift anyone in this industry can hope for is acceptance. I gained such a gift from my family and best friend, who despite knowing I work in Adult Industry, have accepted and maintained a close relationship with me. I have developed a thick skin against judgments from total strangers who frown at non- traditional lifestyle I live.

I’m a Leo a leader, extremely outgoing and the life of a party. This is especially valuable for my business. Of course, I have lost a lot of friends along the way, but I have also gained new ones too, especially in my industry. There are a few college colleagues with whom we have maintained contact.  At a personal level, I have very few people I choose to associate with. These are people we can sit and chat with over a variety of topics and our lives as non-official girlfriends and companions.

Being an independent provider 24/7 is a hectic business. It can become very isolated lifestyle especially when touring. This means that I cannot have much time to hang-out with friends and engage in the normal routines or attend get-together events. However, when I get a few minutes to myself, I spend it reading literature, philosophy, and watching documentaries on history, nature and social issues. The interesting thing is that I really do not miss these social events as I ensure that I make my meeting with clients as memorable as possible.

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