The Girlfriend Experience

As I recently wrote on Twitter, the girlfriend experience is about mutual respect. It is when a sex worker treats a client as more than “just a client” and, conversely, a client treats a sex worker as more than “just a sex worker.” Treating each other with dignity and respect creates unforgettable memories for both parties.

To me, everything in life is reciprocal. When people treat others how they would wish to be treated, then there will never be negative energy or disappointment. Positivity coupled with kind-heartedness is always a win/win scenario.

As such, when corresponding with potential clients, my favourite questions from gentlemen are always personality-driven. I love being asked about my interests and future goals; the books that I’m reading; and what I aspire in life.

The questions that I do not favour are with respect to specific services that I offer. Remember: sex workers are a sure thing. I am pretty sure that clients already know what to expect. To me, being asked to provide a menu is an immediate turn-off. It makes me think that the client is more interested in checking off an arbitrary list of services than experiencing a connection with me.

In my opinion, if you want to establish a connection, then it is character-driven as opposed to a list of specific services. Personality and mutual respect are what matter most.

The girlfriend experience is about reciprocal responsibilities: clients should be treated as though they are more than just a transaction and, conversely, sex workers should be treated as though they are more than just a checklist of services.