I was what society Considered Perfect a size 3. I Spiral to Size 20 in One year. What happens when I turn into a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). How society Treats you.

I was what society considered perfect a Size 3 I spiral to a size 20. What happens when I turn into a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) How society treats you.


I’ve always been a thin, petite woman. The type of nerdy, shy girl no one is interested in. Everything changed when I got into modeling school. As I was too short for runway modeling, I got into adult magazine modeling. I was a cover girl and centerfold model while I was a dancer.

One day a man gave me a $100 bill with his number on it and asked me to buy an outfit, then call him and describe it to him. Of course, I did! I bought myself a beautiful, sexy little black dress and judging by the man’s voice, he was more than happy when I described him my looks.

Despite all these, I was sad. In fact, I was depressed. I tried to talk about it to some friends, but they were quick to dispel my feelings by saying “You’re too pretty to be depressed! Get over it!”. But I couldn’t.

While I did enjoy all the attention I got from both men and women, there were times I just wanted to become invisible. I wanted men to stop honking and whistling at me, I wanted women to stop staring at me.

I come from a middle-income family who valued religious norms and a kind heart. When men started to buy me expensive things, from jewelry to vacations, I was both amazed and thrilled. But I had days when I stood in my high-rise apartment, in an upscale area of the town, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, crying. Nothing could make me feel better about myself, not even the constant appreciation I received from men.

 One day I decided I don’t want to have periods anymore, so I went to my OB-GYN and asked for Depo-Prova shots. I got them, but at the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The doctor didn’t talk to me about the side-effects of these shots. 3 Depo-Prova shots later I gained 95 lbs. in one year! I ended up weighing 200 lbs at 5’3. I went from size 3 to a size 20 not noticing it. Because it had happened gradually, I didn’t notice it right away. Each time my clothes became too small I just went and bought new ones, in a larger size.


Even after I stopped the shots I continued to gain weight. This changed my entire life.

Now I was able to walk on the street without men honking at me or asking for my number. My friends were dropping their jaw when they saw me, asking me what I am going to do about my weight.

The larger I got I began to feel excluded by society. Men were no longer offering to hold the door for me. When I walked into a store the sales persons told me they didn’t carry my size, people in common transportation assumed I was pregnant and offered me their seat. My personal doctor suggested I had a gastric bypass to lose weight. If I went out to have a meal I felt people’s judgmental looks. My own friends suggested I cut back on the amount of food I ate, even if I wasn’t eating more food than usual. I felt like I was pressured to get back in shape, just for society’s visual pleasure.

My extra weight started to affect my health. Even if I was exercising, I continued to gain weight and soon I was suffering from hypertension and high cholesterol. A simple walk to the store was a long journey, which ended with painful joints and heavy breathing.


Needless to say, my sex life was non-existent and even if a man would have been interested in me, I was probably too exhausted to do anything. I lost my self-esteem as more and more people were criticizing me for my weight. The number of insults I heard was staggering. Someone even suggested that overweight people should have their own island.


One day, when I was shopping at a plus-size store I met a wonderful woman, also plus size. We quickly became friends and she told me she was on Ashley Madison, the famous escort site. Thanks to her I discovered the amazing BBW niche. This is how I learned there are thousands of men who appreciate and love plus size women. I got into this new world and when I look at the numbers now, I had more regular clients back then, than I have now.

But the extra pounds were taking a toll on my health and I needed to do something about it. I went to a weight loss clinic and started the HCG diet. This is a 500 calorie a day diet, which lasts for 43 days. You give yourself injections in the stomach for 43 days which help you lose fat and retain your muscle mass. This helped me lose 20 lbs. so I in between 6 weeks off I waited to started the next 4 session with breaks.

During the break, I started eating healthy and organic and I exercised a lot. I did 4 treatments and lost 80 lbs. At the end of the diet I was 120 lbs, I was eating healthy and I was doing cardio exercise combined with weightlifting.

After I lost weight I started working as a touring companion, which made it difficult to maintain my diet and workout routine, but I continued to lose weight. When I am at home I am lifting 5 days a week and I do cardio for 45 minutes 6 days a week.

After I lost weight I still had a lot of body image issues. Men and women were giving me attention once again, but inside I was still unhappy with my look. This inability to be happy with how you look is fueled by the society. We learn from childhood that a beautiful woman is supposed to look like Barbie, an unrealistic role model. As we grow up we see in movies and in the women around us how disappointed they are by their look. I always thought people were beautiful regardless of size. Because of their inner beauty, humanitarian deeds and contribution to life. Which I’m a big believer in.

We also learn to value ourselves based on how we look and we are taught we need to be visually pleasing for the society we live in. Moreover, people around us think we should lose weight to look good, not to be healthy. This was a very important thing for me, as my health problems made me do something about my weight and now I am entirely focused on being healthy.

I had of surgery to correct what happen to me after losing weight. I found beautiful Mia again. But, that’s a different story….

London’s History Map: Discovering History at Every Corner


London is one of my favorite European countries and I’ve visited it many times. Of course, the first two times in the town I went straight to the most famous places, like The Big Ben or Victoria and Albert Museum. But then I wanted to see more, to find out more about London’s amazing history. And I was not disappointed, because you can find history at every corner in this amazing city. You can literally walk past something interesting daily. Here is my list of interesting, history-rich places in London.

The final resting place of Joseph Merrick

Whitechapel is famous for being the hunting ground of the infamous Ripper, but it also offers other interesting and history-rich places. One of them is the Royal London Hospital, which is the last resting place of Joseph Merrick, known as the “Elephant Man”. He suffered from an unknown medical condition which deformed his face and skull. After he was paraded around Europe in a curiosity freak show, he ended up in the Royal London Hospital, where he died in 1890. A replica of his skeleton can be seen at the hospital’s museum, located in a small church, along with other interesting exhibits. The museum is across the street from the actual hospital, downstairs in the former crypt and is very easy to access from the Whitechapel underground station.

Trafalgar square’s smallest police station

Walking along Trafalgar Square you will see a large post for a street lamp, equipped with a black door. Well, I found that it was actually a Police post. The smallest in London, installed in 1926 and kept in use for some time. A policeman was sitting inside the tiny post to watch the people in Trafalgar Square. If things went wrong, they could intervene on the spot, after they called for backups from the Scotland Yard. The little post has windows and when I peeked inside I could see a lot of cleaning materials and mops… Strange, but the actual post is cute.

Farting Lane

We all know that joke when someone farts on a lamp and it lights it up, but London actually has its own version of this joke. Welcome to the Farting Lane! The real name of the road is Carting Lane and nearby the Savoy Hotel you can see the last sewer lamp. They were all around London in the 19th century and they were used to burn off the horrific smell from the sewers and to light up the streets. The lamp is lit 24/7 and is said to be fueled by the guests of Savoy. Truth or fiction, the lamp looks very fashionable and is not far from Trafalgar Square.

The cholera-giving water pump

If you become thirsty in London and you have a strong stomach you can try to drink water from Dr. John Snow’s water pump, on Broad Wisk Street, in Soho. The pump helped Dr. John Snow realize that illnesses are spread by contaminated water, not miasma, how it was previously thought. In 1850s, there was a cholera outbreak in Soho and that water pump was blamed by Dr. Snow to be the center point of the entire epidemic. The doctor is now known as the parent of epidemiology and modern medicine. As for the water pump, I didn’t try to use it. Who knows? I don’t want to wonder if I got anything from drinking water from it next time I get a cold.

Unrevealing of Mia Evans



They say you should never judge a person until you’ve walked in their shoes. Despite this, we have a strong tendency to judge everyone from the first time we lay our eyes on them, before we even know who they are and from where they come from.

You probably did the same with me, when you first stumbled upon my site. Now, I decided it’s time to reveal who I am. Here is the real Mia Evans.

I was born in Tampa, FL to an African American/Native American mother and a Jewish/African American father. My Jewish family is very conservative, so I had a strict upbringing. I practice Kabbalah, a form of Judaism.

I have a major in Business and a minor in Marketing, which opened the door for me towards the Corporate America. I was lucky enough to get a job in the mortgage lending industry.

Yet the shy, nerdy girl who came from a strict, religious family and was a virgin until 19 years old had a secret: a fascination for adult entertainment!

My fascination made me leave my corporate job and take up dancing, which suited my outgoing nature. After all, I am a Leo, a leader, the life of the party! In my 20s I modeled for many adult magazines, appearing on the covers and as the centerfold model. My talent agent booked me shows which enabled me to travel across US to Gentlemen clubs as a headliner. During these times I learned that I was attracted by older, wiser men. I enjoy their company and making money out of it came naturally. I also value chivalry, wisdom and intelligence, which arouse me.

Working in adult industry has its own drawbacks, the main one being the danger of alienating your family. Luckily, I was spared from that. My family accepted my job, as well as a couple of my friends. I learned not to care for the rest of them, nor for all the strangers who judge me for who I am and what I do.

Few can adjust to my non-traditional lifestyle, but then, I am Mia! I am not one from the crowds and I’ve never wanted to be. I am who I want to be and I enjoy every moment of it!

6 Shades of Mia Evans…


A day in my life…

starts at 5AM, when I go to the gym. I stay in shape by doing weight lifting and cardio exercises 5 times a week. I also do yoga and swimming 3 times a week and I make sure I eat 5 healthy, mostly organic meals a day. Now that I’m writing this, 5 seems to be my lucky number for staying in good shape.

My lifestyle

Marriage? Kids? They are awesome, but not for me. I have no interest in settling down and having children. But I do have an interest in volunteering at animal shelters, children’s centers and elderly nursing homes. My mother’s illness forced her to reside in an elderly home, so this fuels my interest for these amazing establishments which provide relief for those who need it most. My mom is also the reason why I moved to Milwaukee.

Memorable times on the road

Thanks to my business, I am sometimes touring different parts of the world. I have a soft spot for Paris and London, where I love to catch up with some of my friends and do some shopping. I also love Jamaica, Bahamas, Cozumel, Cancun, and the Virgin Island, which speak to me at a magical level. Expect me to blog about them and my great experiences in these places.


There is no summer for me without jet skiing, diving and swimming. I found them refreshing and energizing. In the winter, I never pass an opportunity to play with the snowmobile. I also love traveling and I hope I will be able to see as much of the world as possible. If I could, I would ditch everything and become a full time tourist!

Self-improvement is endless

Deep down, I am still a nerdy girl, so I strongly believe in endless self-improvement. This is why I am attending the online classes of Milwaukee University. Staying up to date with the latest technologies is vital for a self-employed person, like me and it helps me become better at managing my business and providing high quality services.

My future plans are…

opening a Day Spa back in Florida and see it develop and thrive!

I got asked many times what I would change about my life. The answer is NOTHING! Yes, I am happy with my own choices and my current lifestyle. I am confident in my skills and I will provide top notch quality services for my clients as long as I can.