Why Do Men Use Escort Services?

Published by Miss Escort – Excellent insight into escorting industry.

Bomb Ass Escort

There are various reasons why a man would take money out of his pocket to pay for something that he may easily get at home. It is not like all these men are hideous and most of my clients are married and well-to-do. If not their wives, they could easily find a hookup buddy elsewhere like at a bar, through a friend, or on a dating or adult site. So what is with them paying me, or you for sex? Here is a list of reasons I have generated from my many conversations with my clients.

1. It is a fun hobby and kind of for the sport for them. This can’t be any truer for some of the men. On escort review forums there is even a sense of community. Just like how me being bookish have a book blog and follow other book bloggers, make comments and review…

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